How tall is Brian Robison?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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NFL player Brian Robison is 6'-03''.

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Q: How tall is Brian Robison?
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When was Brian Robison born?

Brian Robison was born on 1983-04-23.

What NFL team does Brian Robison play for?

Brian Robison plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

What position does Brian Robison play?

Brian Robison plays Defensive End for the Minnesota Vikings.

What is Brian Robison's number on the Minnesota Vikings?

Brian Robison is number 96 on the Minnesota Vikings.

What college did NFL player Brian Robison play for?

NFL player Brian Robison played for Texas.

How much does NFL player Brian Robison weigh?

NFL player Brian Robison weighs 259 pounds.

How old is Brian Robison?

NFL defensive end Brian Robison is 34 years old (born April 27, 1983).

How tall is Damon Robison?

Damon Robison is 6'.

How tall is Arthur Robison?

Arthur Robison is 6' 3".

How tall is Jim Robison?

Jim Robison is 178 cm.

How tall is Brandon Bradley Robison?

Brandon Bradley Robison is 5' 7".

Who was the Texas state record holder for discus before Brian Robison?

Terry Pierce