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There are usually 6 line judges and 1 chair umpire.

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It all depends on how long the match is but if it was over a long period of time it would be about 3 referees

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Q: How many referee in a long tennis match?
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How many people can play tennis in one match?


How many players in a tennis?

Two or four, depending upon whether the match is a singles or a doubles match.

Is there a limit to the number of tennis racquets players can bring to a match?

No you can bring as many as you want.

How many hours to the world's longest doubles table tennis match last?


How many refere in rugby?

at senior level (regional ) there is One referee and 2 assistant referees plus a TMO (TV match official) In non regional there is One referee and 2 assistant referees

How many officials are needed in order to play rugby match and name them?

3 - 1 Referee and 2 assistant referees as a minimum

How many time out allowed in TT match?

A table-tennis match consists of between 4 and 7 games. In this time, each player/team is entitled to 1 timeout which is only 60 seconds long. Timeouts are replenished at the start of each match during a team event.

How many miles does a tennis player cover during a 3-set pro match?

The amount of miles that a tennis player covers during a 3-set pro match completely depends on the player and how match they move around when they play. The area covered could vary greatly depending on the player.

How many officials are at a premiership football match?

4 (1 referee, 2 linesmen, 1 touchline official) 2 official next to the goal

In tennis how many games does one player play a day?

Usually in the major tournaments one player plays one match in a day.

How many people are needed for a Canadian double tennis match?

3, one person on one side of the net and two people on the opposite side.

What is the answer to jumble puzzle June 14 2011?

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