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No you can bring as many as you want.

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Q: Is there a limit to the number of tennis racquets players can bring to a match?
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How do you put strings on a tennis racket?

To string a racquet, you will need to purchase a string machine which can be found at most tennis site, or you could bring it to your local tennis store and ask if they string racquets. They usually charge around $20.00 per racquet.

What to bring for tennis?

The answer to this question depends greatly on the level of play. Basic things, however, would be at least two tennis racquets, at least one can of tennis balls, and tennis shoes. Other items to consider would be a towel, water, sun block, sunglasses, a hat or visor, and/or clothing with pockets.

What is machine used to shoot balls in tennis?

The machines tennis players use to shoot tennis balls are called tennis ball machines. Tennis players also call them ball machines, but a Google search for "ball machine" might bring up machines from different sports.

What information does college tennis online offer?

College Tennis Online offers superior information throughout their website. They bring news on college tennis, featured stories along with all factual information regarding individual players and the colleges.

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Can you bring tennis balls onto the airplane?


What equipment do I need to play tennis?

You'll need to bring a pair of tennis shoes (sneakers, as long as they're appropriate to run in, work fine) as well as tennis balls and tennis rackets. Bring water, too, as you'll need it after a few sets.

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All music players, not just CD players benefit society. They bring music to the world and also bring new technology to the world.

Can you bring tennis rackets on a plane?

Yes, you can. keep in mind though, that if you have more than one tennis racket, and some tennis balls then if could start to get a bit crowded, but they generally don't have a problem with tennis rackets.

What are the dimensions for a bat tennis court?

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