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Q: How many Americans worked strictly on apolo 11?
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How many apolo missions?

About 18

How many medals does Apolo Anton Ohno have in all?


What did Blanche K. Bruce accomplish while he served in the senate?

Worked diligently for African Americans, Native Americans and Chinese immigrants

Who did Malcolm X work with?

Equal rights for African Americans

How many gold medals does Apolo Ono have?

8 Olympic Medals.

How many medals has Apolo Ohno won?

2 (Olympic Medals)

How many people are obsessed with Apolo Ohno?

Apolo Ohno has many fans and after the 2010 Winter Olympics he's seemed to have gained many more. It is not unbelievable that plenty of those fans have become obsessed with him so it would probably be impossible to count.

What are some of Kit Carson's accomplishments?

he had many statue's of himself he also worked out native Americans problem's

How many racees did Apolo Ohno win in his life?

He won 100 races in his life!

How many medals apolo Anton ohno have?

Because Apolo Anton Ohno is such an amazing skater, he has a huge list of medals. Please follow the attached link to see them all down the right side of the page.

How many Olympics has Apolo Ohno been in?

Three. Salt Lake City, Torino, and Vancouver.

Name two groups of people that the early Americans discriminated against?

Early Americans discriminated against "african americans" and "american indians' A: Also the Chinese who worked, not only on the transcontinental railway system, but on many of the railroads in this country.