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Q: How does telemachus respond to the position put forward by amtinous?
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How does Telemachus respond to Antinous's reply in the assembly?

she thinks its stupid! XD

How do the suitors respond when Telemachus asks them to leave?

The suitors initially refuse to leave, disrespecting Telemachus' request. They continue to stay in Odysseus' house, eating his food and wooing his wife, Penelope, despite Telemachus' pleas.

How do the suitors respond to Telemachus and Halitherses?

The suitors dismiss Telemachus and Halitherses' warnings and continue to feast and disrespect Odysseus' household, showing no regard for their advice or authority. They mock and belittle them, refusing to heed their words.

How are puck Athena and telemachus alike?

Pretty right I think they r all hot and ladies reading please respond

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How do the suitors respond to the newly confident telemachus?

The suitors are surprised and impressed by Telemachus's newfound confidence. Some of them may feel threatened by his assertiveness and determination to take charge of his household and confront them. Others may see it as a positive sign of his potential as a future leader.

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Respond to.possible opposition views

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When answering this type of question, it is best to respond honestly. It is usually most conducive to be as specific as possible.

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