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The Related Link below shows setup instructions for several models.

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Q: How do you put a large trampoline together with out the guide?
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How do to put a large trampoline together with out the guide?

very carefully. Actually you can call the company and request the instruction booklet be sent to you.

Can you put a water trampoline on land?

Technically, you can put a water trampoline on land. However, it is not recommended as you might damage it. Nobody wants a hole in their water trampoline.

Can you put a rain cover on a trampoline with the enclosure on?

Yes,you can i have one on my own trampoline.

When to put out a trampoline?

summer is best

Is it illegal to jump on a trampoline that is blue?

No, but the trampoline will have more fun if you put it in a good mood first.

What are the biggest two continents put together?

Europe and Asia are put together and are very large.

How do you assemble a trampoline?

You have to put the poles together to make four legs. then you put the circle together with the one's that form a circle, they slide into the bottom part. Then you take the net part and attach a spring to each hook and hook them onto the cirle top. But you have to space them out. If you put them all on one side first them it will be impossible to put them on the other side.

How much weight can a 14 ft trampoline hold?

Mine hold about 220lbs but you can go over the limit.It depends on haw well you put it together

How can you put up the trampoline tent?

#1 Take all the pieces out of the box. #2 Separate the metal tubes, springs, and black bouncer thing. #3 Put the metal tubes together(look at trampoline guide). #4 Hook the springs into a slot each into the metal tubes. #5 Stretch out black bouncer thing and hook it up to the springs one each. #6 Start jumping!!! NOTE ---- Do not start attaching springs and work your way around. Start by attaching every tenth spring around the trampoline. Then add one next to that and work around etc...

How do you put springs on oval trampoline?

it depends on the size but u have to pull very firmily and and hook it to the trampoline By:Cierra Currier

How do you make a safety pad for a trampoline?

You can make a safety pad for a trampoline by using a couple of sheets. First lay out the sheets the length of the trampoline, then put some stuffing in it to make it soft. End with sowing the two sheets together. for the stuffing you can use maybe beanbag material,( you no the stuff inside a beanbag) or you can use some old rags that you have.

Is it okay to put rubber mulch under and around my trampoline?

You can put it around but not under