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No, just referees.

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Q: Why is there an umpire in football?
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When was Ian Robinson - Australian football umpire - born?

Ian Robinson - Australian football umpire - was born in 1946.

What a word to do with football begging with U?


How much does a umpire in the NFL make?

How much does an NFL Umpire make for a playoff football game?

Who judges the football match?

The judge of a baseball game is called an umpire.

What is the six letter word for an official who assists the referee?

Umpire. Not a baseball umpire. A football umpire. In football, the field officials are the referee, umpire, field judge, line judge, back judge and side judge. The referee stands behind the quarterback on the offensive side of the scrimmage line, while the umpire stands directly across the scrimmage line in the secondary of the defense.

Why do you need an umpire in football?

They make sure the game is fair.

What should a umpire do in football?

Probably go find a baseball game.

Where is the umpire stand in a football game?

The umpire stands behind the defensive line and looks for holding on the offensive line. In the NFL the umpire stands behind the offensive line opposite the referee and looks at the line for holding and other infractions.

What do you call a person in charge of a football game?

A referee usually controls a football match

Who has the highest position the referee or the umpire?

It depends on the sport. The only sport I can think of immediately that uses both a referee and an umpire is American football, where the referee is the highest ranking official.

How many judges in a football game?

7 or 8 depending on tornament in the professionals including the chair umpire.

Who is someone who keeps score at a game?

A score keeper. =D tennis ~ umpire football ~ referee