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There are 2 venues here in Bacolod City:

VSB Bldg (bldg in front of Bacolod Capitol Lagoon)

MWF 7:00pm

MMB Dance Studio, 16th St

MWF 5:30pm

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Mmb studio mwf 5:30- 645pm

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Q: Where do you find capoeira lessons in bacolod?
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Why did the Brazilian government want to band Capoeira?

Because the owners of the slave market were frightened by the capoeira the slaves did. Also there was a vivid history of capoeira used as a means of rebellion against the Catholicism's grasp on slave trade in the early 1400's by Spain,Austria,England and France. Although capoeira ;band in Brazil it was still practiced by Afro-slaves when they first shipment came to south-america in 1705; learned from the Brazilian founders.

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