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No. There's No Place You Can Get A Cheap Wrestling Ring.

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Please reply asap

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Walmart and target

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Q: Where can you buy a cheap wrestling ring?
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When did Vincent buy WWE?

Vince McMahon bought WWE (Then called Capitol Wrestling) in 1982.

Where can you find a cheap photo printer?

The best place to find cheap photo printers is at technology/electronic stores, such as Best Buy. You can buy refurbished printers for very reasonable prices here.

How do you buy cheap books in Australia?

search out seconhand book shops.

Where can you buy really cheap yarn?

Try your local Pound/dollar shop or ebay.

How do you work for the WWE putting together the rings?

If all you want to do is put together the ring, you can get that chance as a "ring boy". When WWE comes to town, show up early at the arena and make yourself available. Even better if you know someone who works at the arena and will let you in the building. I knew a guy who spent a whole day setting up the ring with WWE referee Jack Doane, just by going down and offering to do it for free. If you want a permanent job in wrestling, you'll need a degree. I've talked to a WWE employee with a degree in Theater. Other good degrees would be journalism or broadcasting. You won't land a job writing wrestling programs without a proven track record in print or television writing. Many of the current WWE writers worked on sitcoms previously. If you're really serious about a job in wrestling, your best chance is to start at the local level. Volunteer for a local wrestling promotion. Also, check out "So you want to be a professional wrestler or get a job in the wrestling business?" by Bill Banks at

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Where could you buy a wrestling ring in Australia?

I have a 16 foot wrestling ring for sale in nsw if anyone is interested please email for $3000

Where can I buy cheap wrestling shoes?

The best website for you to buy cheap wrestling shoes is at SportsRcool Wrestling. There are hundreds of different shoes at a cheap price, and long lasting as well.

Where do you buy a wrestling dummy cheap?

sports authority

Where can you buy a kid size wrestling ring?


How do you make the base of a wrestling ring?

buy a goat

Where can you buy a trampoline wrestling ring?

you can you have to build them your self

Where to buy cheap 1 day wrestling ring rentals?

Oh... can't. You have to buy the ring. Now I know this is a funny question but do you mean the real ring or a toy? I think it is a toy you are talking about. So no you can do that or rent the real one thank you for coming good bye!

Where can you buy a WWE elite scale wrestling ring?

Not any stores around America... they stopped making them so now we have to buy them online... and they are not cheap... around $250 to $350, and you get them at Major sites like and

Where can one buy a cheap ring bearer pillow?

Someone can buy a cheap ring bearer pillow from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of ring bear pillows from a number of different manufacturers.

Where do you buy a world wrestling entertainment trampoline at?

Um, its a ring not a trampoline. You can get a good quality ring at for a few grand.

Where to buy a backyard wrestling ring?

go to and type in backyard wrestling ring there should be a link that says portable wrestling rings click on that .... By the way the lowest a ring goes for is about 1,300 dollars so i suggest build your own

Where to buy WWE real scale rings?

You can't buy WWE real scale rings but you can buy a decent wrestling ring for about £1000-£2500. You can also buy the WWE aprons to make the ring more realistic