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You don't necessarily need to be flexible for a walkover. For a front walkover you want to have a solid handstand bridge come up and good stomach muscles. For a balk walkover you want to have a good handstand bride kick over and flexible shoulders. It would help if you had one of your splits to make it look nicer:)

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Q: What stretches do you need to do to be flexible enough for a walkover?
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What are some stretches for autofellatio?

You need to work on being more flexible so lots of bending exercises.

Flexibily and cheerleadinG?

what about it? do you mean that do you need to be flexible to cheer? if so, the answer is YESSS!! especially flyers. they need to pull heal stretches and scorpions... and as for others, they need to be flexible for things like jumps. like toe touches and herkies etc...

How do you do a back walkover if your not confident?

You need to practice with a spotter and mats to build confidence.

Do you have to know how to do a handstand to do a back walkover?

to do a back walkover you do not need to know how to do a handstand, you need to know how do do bridge , bridge kick over and you need to have confidence! Although knowing a handstand might necessarily help you flexibility it doesn't make much of a difference

How do you become flexible enough to put your legs behind your head?

you need to stretch alot

Are gymnasts supposed to be flexible?

No, because they will teach you to be flexible. Ummmm well that's true but like GYMNASTS are flexible and are supposed to be. But im guessing that you aren't a gymnast seeing as thought you asked this question. So yes you would have to be flexible if you are a gymnast. _____________________________________________________________ I am a gymnast myself, and even after many years of training i have not yet mastered my split. No, you do not have to be flexible, but you can't be a stiff board either. Usually you will get more flexible after years of training, but i believe that if you're not the flexible kind of person, don't start gymnastics because you could seriously hurt yourself. So no, gymnasts don't need to be flexible, but if you want to be a good gymnast and achieve really anything in the sport then yes you do need to be pretty flexible, though flexibility is not difficult to acheive, just do some light stretches once or twice a week and you'll see a marked improvement. Gymnasts don't have to be super flexible, but do need to have some sort of flexibility. If is a gymnast is not flexible enough, certain skills cannot be done because to do some skills you must be flexible in certain positions.

What are some good stretches for 200m sprint?

I need to create a warm-up and cool-down for the 200m sprint, and I need to know some stretches for the event. What muscles do they stretch and what are their benefits? I also need safety points for the stretches.

Why do you need to be flexible in high diving?

because you need to be able to stretch your muscles long enough to do all the moves as well as being able to enter the water

How does muscular strength help you in gymnastics?

Agility helps in gymnastics because if you get good at it you need the speed and power to do things like ... back flips, backsaults, front saults and layout also many more. If you don't have the agility you will probably hurt or injure youself.

Do you have to be flexible to do martial arts?

Well you dont have to be very flexible but do need to be flexible for some thingz

Why do you need to be flexible in gymnastic?

Because you cannot do some of the skills if you are not flexible.

What does flexibility have to do with gymastics?

Flexibility has to do with gymnastics a great deal for example a front walkover you need back flexibility and leg flexibility just for one simple skill.