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60, the highest single-dart score on the board

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Q: What score is treble tops in darts?
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How do you score 141 points in darts?

To score 141 in Darts you will need Treble 20, Treble 19 and Double 12

What is the highest possible score using 3 darts?

By getting three darts into the treble 20 section, you can score 180.

What does treble 9 mean in darts?

If a dart lands in the treble nine bed, the score is 9 x 3 = 27

If you were playing darts and got a shanghai score of 72 with 3 darts which number have you scored on?

12. Treble, single and double 12.

Highest score with 3 darts?

The highest score you can get with three darts is 180 (Otherwise known as a ton 80). To achieve this score you must hit the treble 20 three times in one turn.

Darts maximum check out score?

In soft tip daddy’s the highest checkout score is 180, which is three triple 20s

On a standard dart board which is the lowest score you cannot get with 2 darts?

121 is wrong. It is not possible to get 119 with two darts so how can 121 be the lowest score you cannot get with two darts. A lot of people think it's 99 due to the fact that it's the lowest number for which you need 3 darts to finish. But they forget that a treble is allowed for the 2nd dart. (99 = T19,T14) Also 101 = Bull + Treble 17 The answer is 103.

What is the highest score possible with three darts?

180 points is the maximum for three darts, consisting of three triple-20's (three treble-20's for y'all across the pond).

How do you score 100 only using 3 trebles in darts?

It is not possible. The common factor of any treble is three and 100 is not divisible by three.

How many points is treble 12 in darts?


What is the top score in darts?

the max score with 3 darts is 180.

What two combinations in darts if score is 141 to win 501 game?

Treble 17. Double top. Then the bull out. Treble 17. Treble 20. Double 15. T20-T19-D12 T20-T15-D18 T17-T18-D18

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