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Most penalties are minor, giving the player two minutes in the penalty box. A major penalty is five minutes long and reserved for infractions like 'fighting'.

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Q: What is a minor penalty in hockey?
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What is an instigating penalty in hockey?

A 2 minute minor.

How many minutes must a hockey player spend in the penalty box for a minor penalty?

2 minutes

What are some hockey words that begin with the letter m?

· major penalty · man advantage · match penalty · minor penalty · misconduct

What happens in hockey if you break a rule?

You most likely get a 2 min minor penalty

What is minor power play in ice hockey?

A minor power play is when the other team that you are playing has a minor penalty with is 2 min long.

Who serves a goalie penalty in hockey?

Minor and major penalties will be served by one of the players (for the offending team) that was on the ice at the time of the penalty.

If you get a major penlaty in hockey then get a minor penalty and the other teams scores does the player who got a minor penalty get out?

Yes because a player can't leave the box until his time expires during a major penalty.

What does boarding in ice hockey mean?

Violently hit, or slam a player into the boards. If an injury occurs, it is a major penalty. If there is no injury, it is a minor penalty.

How long does a hockey player stay in the penalty box?

If its just a minor penalty then two minutes.If its a double minor then 4 minutes.If its a misconduct then its a 10 minute and 5 minutes is game misconduct.

Are you allowed to hit people in ice hockey?

It depends. In men's ice hockey you are allowed to hit people. In woman's ice hockey you can get a 2 minute minor penalty for body checking.

What is the hockey term for having the stick too high?

High Sticking.Usually resulting in a two minute minor penalty.

What is a hockey penalty?

A hockey penalty occurs if a player breaks a rule AND if the breaking of that rule is punishable by either a minor, major, misconduct, match misconduct, or match penalty. Not all rule infractions are punishable by a penalty. A few that are not: hand pass, icing, off-sides, and high-sticking the puck.

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