What is the hockey term for having the stick too high?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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High Sticking.

Usually resulting in a two minute minor penalty.

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Q: What is the hockey term for having the stick too high?
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What is a stick tackle?

A stick tackle is a slang term for an illegal hockey move. The hockey stick is used to trip another player and will draw a penalty.

Which hockey term is defined as hitting an opponent with the stick while it is held in both hands?


What is the term for hitting a field hockey stick three times against another stick and competing for the ball?

The action is called a bully. In modern field hockey, the sticks are only tapped (not hit!) once together, before the ball is in play.

What sport uses the term slash?

The term 'slash' is used in the sport of ice hockey. When one player slashes the other with his stick, they receive a slashing penalty.

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What does the hockey term just wide stick side mean?

"Stick side" is relative to the goalie. If a shot misses the net to the side of the goal that the goalie holds his stick, it is wide stick side. "Just wide" means missing by a small amount.

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The term "icing" in hockey is "dégagement refusé" in French.

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It is nothing at all. That term means nothing to hockey.

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