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The Chess pieces are the pawn (8 per color or side), knight (2 per color or side), rook or castle (2 per color or side), bishop (2 per color or side), the queen (1 per color or side) and the king (1 per color or side).

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King: Checkmate or stalemate it, and you win. If your opponent checkmates or stalemates you, you lose.

Queen: The most powerful piece in the game. Can move almost anywhere on the board.

Bishop: Can move in diagonal directions.

Knight: Can move in L-shaped directions.

Rook: Can move in horizontal or vertical lines.

Pawn: Can only move one step forward and takes out other pieces by moving diagonally one space. It is the most common chess piece.

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You have a: King, Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, and 8 Pawns, one set for white (16 pieces)and one set for black, (16 pieces), 32 pieces in all.

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Q: What are all the names of all the chess pieces?
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Can you capture your own piece in chess?

No, you cannot. It is illegal to take one of your own pieces on any move.

If you got all the pieces in chess how many points would you get?

Each piece in chess, has it's own value, and that value is measured by the number of pawns it would take, to make up for that piece, or something like that!On your team, at the beginning of a game of chess, there are 8 pawns, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and 1 queen. And, of course, there is only one king per color.The pawns, or course, are worth 1, the bishops and the knights are each worth 3, the rooks each are worth 5, the queens 9, and the king....Priceless!So if you where to capture all your opponent's pieces, it would be worth 39 pawn points. Remember, the king cannot be captured, and cannot be measured in pawn points.

Is there a painting called the chess game?

Sofonisba Anguissola painted The Chess Game in 1555. Wikipedia has an imge. If that is not it check this link with many chess paintings,

What are the names of Jackson Pollock's most best selling art pieces?

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Where can I find unique porcelain chess for a gift?

I have seen Gucci, Noblie and Llardo porcelain chess sets. There are plenty of mass-produces chess sets on today’s market, since the production of custom and handmade porcelain chess is hardly possible, due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and since a miniature sculpture is first made for each chess piece before the whole set. It is a long and expensive process. There are also several artisans, who make unique and limited chess sets. Noblie Collectibles has a nice collection of exclusive porcelain chess sets. The prices will be high, but the quality is at the highest level.

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How do you play chess also where do all the pieces go?

to play chess the pieces need to be moved about and take other pieces from your opponent and and they go on a board call a chess board

Were chess pieces real people?

All of the pieces except the rooks, in old days, were people. Now, they evolved to become the chess pieces we know of today.

Where are the rooks located on the chess table?

all the corners See related link below to rules and placement of all chess pieces .

Which chess pieces can move backwards?

All except the pawns.

What are all of the pieces in chess?

Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and the King.

What is a fairy chess piece?

A fairy chess piece is a chess piece not used in conventional chess, but used in certain chess variants and some chess problems. These pieces vary in movement abilities and possible additional properties.

What do you call those things where you play with on the chess board?

Chess Pieces...

What is the cover of the Breaking Dawn?

a red and white chess pieces on a chess board

What makes the Lord of the Rings chess set different?

The Lord of the Rings chess set is different to a normal chess set. The pieces of the chess set, rook, knight etc, are all featured on Lord of the Rings characters.

Which games start with 16 pieces checkers or chess?

Neither do. Each player in chess has 16 pieces, which is probably what you mean, but that means there are 32 pieces on the board at the start. In checkers, each player has 12 pieces, so there are 24 pieces at the start of a game.

Why is marble useful for carving chess pieces?

It's not whether it's useful or not. Marble Chess pieces exist (~$150 or greater).

Can a logo of chess pieces be copyrighted?

Yes. Logos or pictures of chess pieces can be copyrighted. For instance, the book covers of "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer or "Breaking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer display chess pieces, and are copyrighted.