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2 are vida blue and ichiro suzuki

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Q: Which three baseball players used their first names on their uniforms?
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What college football team was the first team to have the players names the back of the uniforms?

slippery rock

Baseball players first names that start with d?

Dave, Dick, Doug

Names of all Stanford baseball players 2010?

What are the names of all Stanford baseball players in 2010

What innovations did NLB teams contribute to baseball?

names on uniforms

Are there any baseball players first and last names that start with B?

billy bruton

Can you name the baseball players whose first names start with z?

zimmerman zimere

What teams do not wear their names on their uniforms in Major League Baseball?

Oakland Athletics

Why are players names not Ohio state jerseys today?

because they where honoring the graduates of the year 62 by wearing their old uniforms. i think it was 62? if not a year in the 60's but they where wearing their uniforms so they didn't have names cuz it wasn't their actual jerseys.

Are there any baseball players with the first name that starts with a o?

Omar Vizquel, Orlando Cabrera and Octavio Dotel are three players whose names begin with O.

Are there any major league baseball players with first names beginning with A?

Albert Pujos alex rodriguez andre either

Anything noteworthy today in history 18th of April-?

On April 18, 1960, all MLB players had uniforms with the names on the back.

What names are baseball players given?

Baseball players aren't "given" names once they make it to the majors. Baseball rosters display players' legal names. Though of course, some players have nicknames that fans affectionately refer to them with. For example, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is known as "Big Papi," but his away jersey still reads "Ortiz."