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It depends on the specific martial art. Most of the arts will teach something along the lines of defense against weapons.

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Q: Do martial arts teach disarm techniques?
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What do they teach in martial arts?

There are a number of key lessons to learn in martial arts. An understanding of one's body and its limitations is important. Most teach through a series of repetitive movements or sequences. Various techniques and combat skills are the end result.

Where can a find a karate tutor who can teach you flips?

A flip is a gymnastic move, so you would want to find gymnastic teacher to show you how to roll and flip around. All martial arts teach throws at some level or another. Striking arts teach grappling techniques and grappling arts teach striking techniques.

How do you spell martial arts?

That is the correct spelling of "martial arts" (fighting techniques, especially Oriental).

What types of martial arts teach you defense and attack moves or are the individual types of martial arts for both?

All styles of martial arts do.

Can you study martial arts if you have a felony?

There is no law to prevent it, but it will depend on the school and the instructor. Some will not teach those that are criminals as they are not considered morally responsible to trust with the techniques of a martial art.

Do martial arts schools teach kendo?

Yes there are martial art schools that teach Kendo

Where does Jackie Chan teach martial arts?

Jackie Chan does not teach.

Do Ninjas past down their techniques to the young?

Traditionally all martial arts were passed down within the family. It wasn't something that was shared outside the immediate family. There are ninjutsu schools where they teach ninja martial arts, but not too many.

Where would you work if you instructed martial arts?

You would teach in a martial arts school. The Japanese would call it a dojo.

How many and which martial arts teach axe kicks?

Many martial arts have the Axe kick, maybe just known by different names.

What type of Martial Art is Ranma ½ based on?

Ranma ½ isn't based on any one style of martial arts, but several of them, and many of them are parodied or are inaccurate. The school of martial arts that Ranma and his father, along with Akane and Soun Tendo practice, is known as the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, so while it incorporates numerous actual martial arts techniques, it also uses ridiculous "techniques" and fictionalized martial art styles.

The best martial arts movie till date?

"Maybe the greatest martial arts movie ever is Hero. Excellent martial techniques display by virtuosos Jet Li and Donnie Yen, and also a deep insight into the very essence of martial arts. A must-have.