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I believe that kung fu was started in china.

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Q: Did any martial arts start in china?
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Are there any martial arts that are weaponized?

Yes, many martial arts include the use of weapons.Many people have a misconception as to what a martial art is. Most have the idea that martial art means only the weaponless arts that originated in Asia. This is too limited a definition.A martial art is the study of the art of fighting. It includes all skills that are of value in combat. Archery, sword fighting, shooting, running, equestrian, swimming and dozens of others are considered martial arts, as they can be, and many were and some still are, used in combat.

What is the best form of martial arts?

All martial arts are based on the same foundations as each other. E.g. discipline, health, humility, perseverance, indomitable spirit to name a few. Therefore no martial art is better than any other, they are all the same. It just depends what different people enjoy practicing more in the martial arts as to which one they decide to study.

What are two unarmed martial arts?

Most martial arts will teach you to use weapons and will teach you defense without any tools. Judo and Jiu-jitsu, what they call ground martial arts, teaches you grappling and take-downs, which usually doesn't require weapons. But it's good to know how to handle them, and to learn defense against them, because you never know what your offender could have up his/her sleeve. It is unlikely that you would have access to a martial arts weapon in the event of an attack,it is also impractical and probably illegal.Two are Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu

Is there any where you can find Chinese martial art weapon forms?

Pretty much any Chinese martial arts school will teach you the appropriate forms. But they do often require you to obtain a basic knowledge of the art before they introduce you to the weapons forms.

How do you teach yourself martial arts?

You really can't. To fully understand a martial art you have to work with an experienced instructor. You can learn some martial skills through web sites and videos, but to truly learn a martial art, you have to train with a master.Other Opinions:* The only way to teach yourself martial arts is by trial and error. However, in the modern world, that is impossible, since martial arts is not needed in everyday life for self defense. The original martial arts took generations to develop. In the 21st century, you have to study with a master. Web sites and videos can augment your knowledge, but you cant learn it without a master. If you do not have any masters where you live, I suggest looking at . They have a distance karate course through DVDs, webcams, and email, and you can test for belts and everything. It is not the same as having a master observe you directly, but it is a good substitute.

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What kind of Martial Arts should you start practicing if you've never done any before?

You short start with karate if you have never done any kind of martial arts before.

What is China's martial art?

Wushu is a blanket term for any of China's martial arts. It is known to most as kung fu. There is also kempo and tai chi chuan.

Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 27 years?

It is possible to learn martial arts at any age. Some of the best martial artists I know didn't start until they were in their 40's!

What are martial arts weapons?

Any weapon used in combat is a martial arts weapon. Many of the 'traditional' martial arts weapons originated in China and in Okinawa. They include the bo, the tonfa, sai, staff, multi section staff, chain, darts, shiriken, nunchuku, and tessen.

Where did Pat Morita get his martial arts training?

Pat Morita did not have any formal martial arts training.

Are there any british martial arts?

Martial Arts originated in the orient. Britain has adapted some Martial Arts, but has none of its own origin. Unless you count boxing.

Is martial arts a form of worshiping the devil?

No, most martial arts make no connection with religion of any type.

Who named martial arts martial arts?

Martial arts refers to any skill set used in combat. They evolved over many centuries and the name was a simple descriptor.

How was martial arts created?

The martial arts was started when one person hit another person. Unfortunately there is no sexy story or history of how Martial arts was started. additionally Marital arts is generally thought of by most people as being something that came from China/Japan. However any combat style is a martial art. This includes boxing, sword fighting, stick fighting, nunchaku, etc.

What are the names of the weapons used in martial arts?

If it is a weapon, it can be found in the martial arts. The skills and mental attitude related to the use of any weapon is a martial art.

Do girls like martial arts?

Yes, girls and women seek out martial arts training for any reasons, including the original reason for having invented the martial arts: self defense.

Do girl like martial arts?

Yes, girls and women seek out Martial Arts training for any reasons, including the original reason for having invented the martial arts: self defense.

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