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They are actually a part of all Martial Arts, but predominantly in the grappling arts such as judo or aikido.

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Q: Are throwing techniques and arm locks part of judo or Kung Fu?
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Witch is better Kung Fu or martial arts?

kung fu is a martial art...followed by karate, judo aikido, muay thai , ect.

What are the many Chinese martial arts?

kung fu, tai kuan-do, karate, judo, dujissu and fung-swai

Overall what is best fighting style karate or judo?

Even though Judo and Karate are both Japanese martial arts they focus on completely different fighting styles.Karate means empty hand, Karate focuses primarily on striking techniques such as delivering punches and kicks, karate practitioners are trained to maximize the force behind their punches/kicks.Judo means the gentle way, the sport of Judo was formed from traditional Japanese combat art of Ju-Jutsu. Modifications were made which eliminated striking techniques, in Judo instead of going strength against strength the practitioner uses their opponents leverage to throw them. Judo unlike Karate also involves grappling and the use of joint locks, wind and blood chokes. It is impossible to with 100% accuracy state which art is better, from stand-up karate has the advantage of using strikes and the judo practitioner who does not use strikes has throws and leg sweeps at their disposal.Karate practitioners who are not trained to fight on the ground are at a major disadvantage to the Judo practitioner who is trained in grappling, joint locks, and wind/blood chokes. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages and neither style is better than the other, it all depends on the practitioner.In my opinion the best fighting style would not be a single style but a mixture of styles; such as a mixture of muay thai, judo, karate, and Brazilian jujitsu.

What are some of the different martial arts?

Japanese martial arts include: Karate, Jiu Jitsu (not to be confused with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu), Kendo(which is the same as ninjitsu), Judo, Ninjitsu and Aikido.* Karate is unarmed fighting utilizing punches, kicks and throws to overcome an opponent. * Jiu Jitsu incorporates the kicks and punches of karate (to a lesser degree) the throws, chokes, arm-locks and joint-locks of Judo. * Kendo is the art of sword fighting. It is a competitive sport practiced with bamboo swords utilizing sword techniques of Samurai Warriors. This is the same as ninjitsu * Judo, does not involve the violence of punching or kicking, which often result in serious injury. Judo uses throws, chokes and joint locks to overtake an opponent, with much of the fighting taking place on the ground. It is more similar to wrestling in this regard. * Ninjitsu is the art of the Ninja. In ancient Japan Ninjas were Samurai warriors who were trained to be experts in clandestine activities that included quick and silent ways of killing, weapons, how to create and use poisons, and much more. * Aikido is the art of throwing and overtaking opponents through the use of ki or the spiritual energy that runs through everything. * Kong-Fu is the art of monkey balancing

Are you bad at Judo if you are not good at it and you are a yellow belt?

It just means you are starting out. As you learn more and get better, you will move up in rank. Even a yellow belt can be good at a few techniques.

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How many grappling techniques are there in Judo?

{| |- | Judo is predominantly a grappling style of martial art. There are hundreds of different techniques involved. You will start off learning about a dozen or so key moves, and build on them as you progress on your journey. |}

Where does the judo originated?

Judo originated from Samurai Jujutsu. Jigoro Kano replaced the striking and weapons from jujutsu, as well as many of the techniques that relied on physical strength. He instead chose to refine the techniques such as throws, holds, joint-locks.

Is judo a Japanese martial art?

Judo is originally a Japanese martial art which emphasises throwing.

What are the judo position?

There are many. Depending on the way you stand. Normally when doing judo techniques or fighting its best if you stand up right and not to bed down other wise your opponan can take advantage or your techniques could be terrible :)

What originated in Japan?

kung fu judo, suomi wrestling

What is the definition of Kajukenbo?

Kajukenbo a combination of different martial art moves and techniques. It was formed in 1947 in Hawaii. It combines: Western Boxing, Judo, Jujutsu, Tang Soo Do, Kung Fu, Eskrima.

What is zen judo?

Zen Judo is a style of the martial art of Judo based on the book "Zen Judo: A Way of Life" by Brian N. Bagot, 1989. Zen Judo differs from other Judo schools in its emphasis on promotion by perfection of the throwing techniques versus winning in tournament competitions.

How many judo throws are there?

No, judo contains throws, hold-downs, arm locks, strangles, theory and also how to land safely

How do you get a shido in judo?

By breaking the rules.Some examples:Running of the tatamiUsing none judo techniques (ex: kicks, or punches)...

What has the author Anthony Patrick Harrington written?

Anthony Patrick Harrington has written: 'Defend yourself with kung fu' -- subject(s): Karate, Kung fu 'Every boy's judo' -- subject(s): Jiu-jitsu, Judo 'Defend yourself with judo' -- subject(s): Jiu-jitsu

Is judo pushing?

There are many techniques used in Judo. Pushing is a part of the techniques, but is used in different ways such as: pull when your opponent pushes push your opponent, then relax and pull them pull your opponent, relax, then push them flip your opponent up when you are too close to push or pull

Witch is better Kung Fu or martial arts?

kung fu is a martial art...followed by karate, judo aikido, muay thai , ect.