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Because they gave NASCAR more money.

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Q: Why did NASCAR change to Sunoco gas?
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Does NASCAR have gas allowance for a race?

I believe they still can get all that they need, un-regulated, however, the fuel is charged to the team, or the sponser, and is paid for to Sunoco.

Who has been the official fuel supplier for NASCAR?

Sunoco has been the official fuel supplier for Nascar since 2004.

What American gas station is the most expensive?


Does Sunoco Inc have any gasolines without ethanol?

all the sunoco gas stations here in fl are ethanol free.

Who sings the theme song for sunoco fuel and nascar on speed channel?

Airbourne sings the song, it's called Lets Ride.

Where can someone set up a Sunoco account online?

One can set up a Sunoco account online by visiting the official Sunoco website. Sunoco offers a 'Rewards Credit Card' that allows users to receive cash back on their gas purchases, among other things.

How much are slushies at Sunoco gas station?

$1.50 at the most

Why does your 2000 Ford Focus keeps turning off on you when you drive for a mile?

Fuel filter is cloggeg with trash from garbage gas. Change the fuel filter and... Buy Sunoco.

Does Sunoco have ethanol free gas?

Depends. Sunoco has it available, but so does Shell. It is up to the dealer if he wnats to put a pump in for it. Persoannly, I think there will come a day when most stations will offer it has a third alternative to 87-89-91 octane. Beats the crap out of ethanol added gas by a wide margin. Better mileage and better performance.

What gas station in Indianapolis sells the legal bath salts?

sunoco gas station on 34th and keystone ave, IN46218

Which gas stations have a Qualifying Merchant Category Code?

walmart(murphy oil), shell, sunoco

When was Sunoco created?

Sunoco was created in 1886.