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In the ancient Olympics men performed for Zoos! Father of the Olympiads, hence the name Olympics.

Who would dare cheat, while performing for an all seeing god?

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Q: Were the ancient games more fair and square than the Olympics?
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What was the penlty for cheating in the Olympics?

In the Ancient Olympics the punishment was to pay for the construction of a statue of Zeus (for whose honour the Olympics were held). And there must ave been a fair bit of cheating around because they were a lot of statues of Zeus at Olympia... In the Modern Olympics you get banned and stripped of your medals (which probably applied to the Ancient Olympians as well, but I don't know for certain).

Why were woman not allowed to have anything to do with the ancient Olympics?

Women were not equal to men. Greek women had a fair amount of freedom in their time, but they still were not equal.

What country hosted the 1900 Summer Olympics?

France. The summer games were held in Paris, along with the 1900 World's Fair.

Who organized the first modern olympic games?

Greace becauuse they made the Olympics so it was only fair

Should the Olympic Games be Abolished?

we shouldn't abolish the Olympics because people have been working very hard and it won't be fair for the athletes

How did the Olympics first come around?

they won fair

What should the people do to prevent being enemies in Olympics?

There always conflict in competition, best thing to do is play fair and square. At least if you made enermy, you'd have people on yourside.

How do you use fair and square in a sentence?

The soccer team won a goal fair in square.

Where was the Olympics held in1904?

World's Fair at St. Louis

What is the cliche of the sentence of you thought that Robertson had won the game fair and square?

The cliche is "fair and square."

In which Olympic games and in which year did more athletes than spectators attend the games?

The Paris games in 1900 Many of the atletes in 1900 never even realised they were in the Olympics(it was only the second one). They just thought they were taking part in a competion at the World's Fair.

Is the principle of an eye for an eye fair?

Yes. Considering it is from the Bible and the ancient world it is fair.