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The Supreme Pilates Machine is a piece of exercise equipment created by Ellen Croft. It helps you perform a lot of different Pilates moves and sculpts your body into shape.

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Q: What is the supreme Pilates machine?
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How expensive is a supreme Pilates machine?

eBay has a new supreme Pilates machine in the box with 2 dvd's for $184.99. The item can be picked up or shipped to your home.

Where can I buy a supreme Pilates machine?

Supreme Pilates machines are available across the internet. However the price range varies for new, and also for used. eBay offers used machines at low cost prices.

Did you know you can actually get a Pilates Machine?

Yes I did know I can actually get a Pilates Machine. This will help you do your Pilates exercises with added support and technique. It's a very useful product.

Im looking to find out what kind of pilates machine it is that you have?

At Jennifer Pilates studio were train on Peak Pilates equipment.

What is a good Pilates machine?

The Pilates PowerGym comes highly recommended. This machine is compact and storable in your closet, but it also will work your body hard and get you fit.

How large is a Pilates machine?

There are small pilates machines and large pilates machines. The large pilates machines are long and not wide. They are about the size of an average person, about six feet, lying down and are about a foot wide.

How can you get a six pack without going to the gym or using a machine?

Read about PILATES. Understand what you eat. Do cardio workouts, do PILATES.

can anyone suggest a good pilates at home machine. Does it work on stength training too?

The Aero Pilates machines are good for both pilates and strength and whole body training and work outs.

Will reformers pilates help with weight loss?

Pilates is a fantastic help with weight loss. Pilates with the aid of a reformer machine gives you added tension to strengthen and build your muscles so you can burn more calories.

Where can one purchase Pilates exercise equipment?

The Pilates Tower on the Go is one of the most affordable pilates machine. It is still a great machine and will cost you a lot less than some of the more fancy machines. Really though, all you need to do pilates in your home are some weights, a ball, and some bands.

Where can one purchase Pilates accessories?

There are many places where a person can purchase a Pilates ring. Stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods and Target, as well as websites like pilates-shop all sell Pilates rings.

Where can you find an instruction manual for Aero Pilate's Machine?

First check the actual Stami or Aero Pilates site.