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get a massive adjustable wrench, grab it and unloosen it, also, when u first got your scooter did you have to wait for the headset to wear in?

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Q: Your scooter headset is stuck what can you do?
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What is the best scooter headset?

Integrated Headset

What is a headset on the scooter?

a headset is what holds the forks to the headtube and to the bars and makes them spin

How do i fix my headset for my scooter when ive tightened it too much and i don't have a headset spanner?

Go buy a headset spanner.

Do jd bug headsets fit razor ultra pro scooter?

no scooter doesnt take a headset all headsets fit eachother , if a razor ultra pro didnt have a headset the scooter would not spin .

Which would make your deck spin faster on your scooter a threaded headset or a threadless headset?

There's no doubt that a threadless headset will spin faster and last a lot longer then a threaded headset.

How do you make a scooter deck spin faster?

Loosen the headset a bit.

Does a grit elite 2 scooter have threadless headset?

yes but it will brake esaly

How do you make your Razor Scooter better?

Go to Inward Scooters and buy there bolting system! That will stop the wobbling. But be careful bolting your deck will stop you from folding the scooter. Then get metal core wheels and nicer bearings. finally the headset and bars. get new 1 piece bars. and with the headset. get an fsa threadless headset or get a threadless envy headset! hope this really helped!

Is a roces kook fixed stunt scooter good?

no, i had it and it the headset broke and the deck snaped

Does an intergrated headset fit threaded forks?

Yes it does, taking in the consideration that you have an integrated scooter deck.

Why are my slamm scooter bars stiff you want to make them smooth like your mates handelbars?

loosen the headset

Can a integreded headset fit a thredless fork?

Yes - Providing the Deck takes a Integrated Headset? You need to find this out first. Scooter forks are normally the same diameter, Just depends on whether your take takes Integrated Headset cups?