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no scooter doesnt take a headset all headsets fit eachother , if a razor ultra pro didnt have a headset the scooter would not spin .

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Q: Do jd bug headsets fit razor ultra pro scooter?
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What is better to learn to scooter on a jd bug or a madd scooter?

madd scooter is so better. A JD bug is better if you are younger as it is a lot lighter

How tall is a JD bug scooter?

JD Bug Pro Street V3 Scooter is > 69cm (bars extend higher) JD Bug Pro Extreme Scooter is > 76cm (fixed) JD Bug Pro X is > 76cm (fixed)

What is the best push or kick scooter for skate parks?

well, truly the best kick scooter is $760.00USD. it is called SHQ TSI PRO COMPLETE, but if you are looking for a good and less expensive scooter the micro xt model can be found for around $300.00USD. Other than these there is the micro bullet pro for around $200.00USD. There are some other good scooters but they are made in Australia or the United Kingdom, so you will pay 100 dollars just for shipping.

Why does my pole on my jd bug scooter rattle?

its either your scooter or the tiegtnes of your wheels and stuff if u have a jd bug eco that's probs why!

Where shell you get your scooter from?

argos, toys r us, jd bug croud,flaber scooter

What scooter is better mgp or jd bug?


Where can one buy JD Bug Scooters?

A JD Bug Scooter is a strong and versatile stunt scooter manufactured by JD Corporation. They can be purchased at specialty retailers such as Halfords.

Will JD bug wheels fit a Slamm scooter?

Yes They Do!

Is the JD bug pro a reliable scooter?

Yes. Get rid of mgp's, and get a jd bug pro extreme!

What is the best jd bug to use in a skate park?

The JD bug pro extreme scooter its the best you can get!

What is the second best scooter in the world?

not jd bug anyway its really rubbish !

Will 100mm scooter wheels fit JD BUG MS108C?

You can put 100mm wheels on this scooter, but I would not recommend doing this as it is designed for 120mm wheels.