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Start off with barrel racing lessons first if possible. If not possible, the second best thing would be to get some videos and books and study up on it. Then if you decide you really like it, try to get your hands on an older horse experienced in barrel racing. Depending on your previous riding experience would determine just how old he should be. for a beginer rider, you want to look into 10 year olds or older but if you have alot of riding experience, you could go for a horse closer to 5.

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Q: You would really like to do barrel racing?
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Who was Barrel Racing originally made for?

Barrel racing like pole bending was made for females so they could compete in rodeos. (they could compete in roping but it wasn't tranditional)

How much is a barrel racing set?

really good kind bout 200$ good kind bout 125$ if you just get 3,, 50 gallon drums and get barrel covers its like 80 or 95 $$ but they all get your horse around them! :{)

Is 26 seconds a good time for barrel racing?

No, if you go to a competitive barrel race we run like 14-16. For a beginner that is okay however, you have to start somewhere! :)

What is you favorite horse breed?

My personal favorite is palomino because I like the color and the breed works for my event (barrel racing) but I also like quarter horses which are most common in barrel racing.

How is Indycar Racing the same as Formula One racing?

it isn't really the same i think indycar is like nascar like going round a circle

Is all your life by foo fighters good for a racing game?

First of all, its "All MY Life". Whether it's a good song for a racing game depends on what kind of racing game it is. I imagine it would be really good for something like dirtbiking or something extreme like that, but a song like "all my life" would be terrible with, say, Mario Kart.

What is the pattern for barrel racing?

The pattern for barrel racing is simple, and goes like this: 1. leave the starting gate and head towards the far side of the barrel to the right. 2. go around the barrel to the right and head up the the right side of the barrel that was to the left of the starting gate. 3. go around this barrel to the left, then head up to the right side of the point of the triangle and go around to the left. 4. race to the finish line!

Can a paint horse barrel race?

Of course! Most of the horses at the Gymkhanas I've been to are paints :) Their talented horses! It really depends on the horse and what they like to do. Start from the begining and walk barrels, dont go galloping at them first :) Gymkhanas include barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole, etc.

Did roman time have racing cars like English?

nope they never had racing cars because they used horses for racing not racimg car beuz they couldn't really afford that.......

Are Arabian horses good at roping and barrel racing?

Even though Arabians are mostly connected with endurance races and the show industry, it is a very versatile horse and can be used for almost any equestrian practice. That said, if you are thinking about roping steers and cattle, it really would depend on what kind of Arab you have in mind. Arabians are not cattle horses like the Quarter Horse for instance. If your Arab is light, the answer is no, if your Arab is a large stocky animal (like the Anglo-Arab) it will have a better chance against another animal. For barrel racing I would definitely say yes, as I have a very game little Arab who is quite nimble and quick on her feet! Yes you Arab are great little barrel horses!

What does the inside of the barrel look like after it id fired?

somewhat dark and dirty. just think what the inside of a barrel would look like if you built a fire in the barrel......................

Why does people like Quarter Horses?

because Quarter hoses have muscular hind ends witch makes it good for barrel racing and western riding

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