You want to fight with undertaker?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: You want to fight with undertaker?
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Why does Shawn Micheal want to fight the undertaker?

he wants to end the strike

When did the undertaker fight the undertaker?


Who will win in a fight David Tenant or undertaker?

The Undertaker

Who would win in a fight andra the giant or the undertaker?


Who will undertaker fight at WrestleMania 28?

the undertaker will maybe i am not sure fight thriple h at wrestlemania 28

Who is better khali or undertaker?

Khali is stronger than Undertaker. Undertaker is a Batka. He is padela. He is unfit to fight

Does undertaker go to Michigan?

Undertaker went to Mighigan to fight. Usllay IN Detroit.

Could Triple H beat up undertaker in a fight?

undertaker is realy strong but if u meen a fight then triple h

Who is better Randy Orton on the Undertaker?

well this is an opinion question and I don't want to start a huge fight so I'll say both. (in my opinion the Undertaker, a few weeks ago the undertaker did hi famous pile-driver to randy orton)

Did Kane and undertaker fight?

yes ofcourse ...

Why did undertaker and Kane had a fight?

heas dead

Who will undertaker fight next and when?

No one knows...