Who is better khali or undertaker?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Khali is stronger than Undertaker. Undertaker is a Batka. He is padela. He is unfit to fight

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Q: Who is better khali or undertaker?
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Is khali better than undertaker?

no way undertakers tons better

Who is taller the Undertaker or the Great Khali?

Khali is 7.1 Undertaker is 6.11 Khali is the tallest.

Is The Great Khali or Undertaker considered a better wrestler?


Can khali beat undertaker?


How khali enter in WWE?

Khali first appear as interference in a match between Undertaker and Mark Henry and beat Undertaker. Then both had disputes and fightings In this way Khali entered WWE

What happened to undertaker's urn?

when khali beat him

Has undertaker ever defeated the great khali?

Yes, he has

Did the great khali get injured?

no he did not i am talking about undertaker vs great khali last man standing match

When is the undertaker fighting the great khali?

in 600,000,000,000,000,000,,0000,00,00,0,00,00,00, years

Did the undertaker break his neck?

yes he had a match against khali ,khali got a chair and closed the chair on undertakers neck hardly.

What WWE superstar is very tall?

Great Khali, Big Show, Kane and the Undertaker

Who was the first person to beat the Great Khali?

Nahh it wasnt jeff hardy it was undertaker