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i think that both are good but not one is the best

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โˆ™ 2009-05-22 21:44:31
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Q: Wwhich is better majorette or cheerleading?
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Which is better cheerleading are modeling?

Which is better modeling are cheerleading

How do you be a majorette?

To be a good majorette practice alot

Why is cheerleading better than gymnastics?

Yes, gymnastics may be better than cheerleading for you, or vice versa, but that's your question to answer. If you are a cheerleading fan/cheerleader, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say cheerleading is better than gymnastics. But if you're a gymnastics fan/gymnast, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say gymnastics is better than cheerleading. It's up to you of what YOU think.

When was Majorette - toy manufacturer - created?

Majorette - toy manufacturer - was created in 1961.

What is a majorette?

band leader

Who uses a baton?

A majorette!

What is the masculine of majorette?


Wwhich is the largest state in India?

utter pradesh

Do you have to be flexable to be a majorette?

You definitely do not HAVE to be flexible to be a majorette, but it definitely does help. I am not the most flexible person (for a majorette), but I still twirl! :) and love it! but flexibily does help, because it gives you much more ability to do different cool tricks!

Did johnny Campbell invent cheerleading?

yes, johnny campell "invented" for lack of a better word, cheerleading. He was at a football game, when he started saying chants and got more and more people doing it. That became known as cheerleading and has formed into cheerleading today. :]

Which is better capital city storm cheerleading or black widow cheerleading?

black widow by far & plus capital city storm is closing :)

Which is better cheerleading or fencing?

That depends on whether you want to be a cheerleader or a fencer.

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