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That depends on whether you want to be a cheerleader or a fencer.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-28 04:18:45
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Q: Which is better cheerleading or fencing?
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Which is better cheerleading are modeling?

Which is better modeling are cheerleading

Why is cheerleading better than gymnastics?

Yes, gymnastics may be better than cheerleading for you, or vice versa, but that's your question to answer. If you are a cheerleading fan/cheerleader, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say cheerleading is better than gymnastics. But if you're a gymnastics fan/gymnast, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say gymnastics is better than cheerleading. It's up to you of what YOU think.

Which is better cheerleading or dance?

Everyone has a different opinion. If you ask a dancer which is better she or he will say dance. Whereas if you ask a cheerleader which one is better she will say cheerleading. Only you can decide which one you like better.

Is Sabre fencing better than foil?

of course!

Which is better fencing or archery?

Depends what you enjoy more.

Is Sabre fencing better than eppe?


Did johnny Campbell invent cheerleading?

yes, johnny campell "invented" for lack of a better word, cheerleading. He was at a football game, when he started saying chants and got more and more people doing it. That became known as cheerleading and has formed into cheerleading today. :]

Is vinyl fencing better than wood fencing?

If you want privacy then wooden fencing is a great option but if you are preferring the longevity of fencing then go with a Vinyl Fence (Morgan's Fence & Awning ) referring you to this site, take a look.

Which is better capital city storm cheerleading or black widow cheerleading?

black widow by far & plus capital city storm is closing :)

How are fencing and Gladiatore fights the same?

They both are competitions to see who is better at this and who is better at that. In addition they are both physical competitions using weapons, armor, etc. But fencing is more civilized than gladiator fights.

Wwhich is better majorette or cheerleading?

i think that both are good but not one is the best

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