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Q: Is majorette the most challenging sport?
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Is racing a challenging dumb sport?

Racing is a challenging sport, but there is nothing dumb about it.

Two ways gymnastics is the most challenging sport?

it is Beam And bars

When did soccer become a national sport in most of the world?

it is a fun and challenging game

What is Majorette?

A majorette is a person who twirls a baton.

How do you be a majorette?

To be a good majorette practice alot

Why is racing a sport?

I've often asked this question.The typical answer is that most consider a 'sport' to be an activity that is physically challenging to the partaker. Most say that the conditions in which the drivers are subject to, it is physically challenging and that not just anyone of average health could handle it.

What is the opposite gender of majorette?

In band terminology, the male version of a majorette is a major.

When was Majorette - toy manufacturer - created?

Majorette - toy manufacturer - was created in 1961.

Why is basketball a competitive sport?

because its a unique challenging game

Describe most challenging project?

the most challenging project

How do you become a high school majorette?

most high schools have a try-out day to be a high school majorette. talk to your school or band director to find out more information, good luck!

What is the famous sport in paris?

Football is the most famouse sport in France but gymnasium is the most famous sport in Paris. There a plenty of gyms at hotels where professional coaching and opportunities are provided. The most technologically advanced and challenging techniques are employed at these places in order to shape individuals with promising potentials

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