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Yes. Throwing can be far if you throw it very hard. Although kicking can make the ball go further.

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Q: Would a soccer ball or a football go further if kicked?
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Which ball would go further when kicked hard a soccer ball or a kickball?

Soccer Ball

Why would a football travel further on the moon?

Gravity on the moon is much less than on earth (0.1654g) Therefore a football, when kicked will go much further before the week moon gravity pulls it back down to the surface.

Could you be a kicker in football if you play soccer?

you could, but the kicking technique of kicking a football on a stand and a soccer ball on the ground is different. in football you need to tilt your foot as far out as you can to get maximum distance, but in soccer if you kicked a hard ball as hard as you could like that you would probably break something. in soccer you need to make you foot curve around the ball for accuracy. you would have the power but not the right kicking technique.

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What do you call football in Europe?

Football/Soccer is called football and NFL would be called American football.

Would a football go the highest on Mars?

Of the eight planets, a football kicked with the same force would go highest on Mercury.

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Can you die after getting kicked in the chest with a soccer ball?

No your stomach would just hurt a lot

Are the forces of a kicked soccer ball unbalanced or balanced?

Unbalanced, otherwise the ball would not move.

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