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The penalty area.

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Q: Within what area is the goalkeeper able to hold ball with hands?
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What area can the goalkeeper handle the ball?

The goal keeper may touch the ball with his hands and arms in his team's penalty area.

Why can goalies use their hands and feet?

A goalkeeper within his own penalty area (the 18-yard box) is allowed to use his hands to defend the goal. Only one player on each team may act as the goalkeeper any any given time, and they need the referee's permission to change the person filling that role. Outside of the penalty area, the goalkeeping is no different than any other player.

What are the goal keepers boundaries?

The goalkeeper has no boundaries and may play anywhere on the field just like any other player. The goalkeeper may use his hands anywhere within his own penalty area without fear of a deliberate handling offense. There are some restrictions on his use of hands in the case of team-mate throw-ins and passes with the feet.

Who is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands in soccer?

The designated goalkeeper for the team may use their hands and arms to touch the ball while in their own penalty area.

Can a goalkeeper can cross halfline in soccer?

A goal keeper may play anywhere on the field, just like any other player. They may only use their hands to control the ball when the ball is within their own penalty area.

What is the area of goal keeper?

The area within which a goalkeeper may usually legally handle the ball is called the penalty area, and measures 44 yards across and 18 yards deep. The goalkeeper may leave this area, but is treated like any other player while outside of the penalty area.

If a defender takes a goal kick and passes it to his own goalkeeper on the edge of the penalty area is the goalkeeper allowed to pick it up and carry it back into the penalty area?

In short, no. A goal kick is not complete (the ball in not yet in play) until the whole of the ball crosses the whole of the penalty area line and into the field of play. If the goalkeeper touches the ball before it completely leaves the penalty area, the goal kick must be retaken. If the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hands after the ball has left the penalty area and become "in-play", then he is guilty of a handling infraction because the ball is not within the keeper's own penalty area anymore. Either the ball is still in the penalty area or it isn't; it can't be both. This is all without even considering the fact that a goalkeeper cannot handle a ball that has been intentionally kicked to him by a teammate, the so-called "pass-back" rule.

What is the penalty when a goalkeeper mistakenly touches the ball with his hands when the ball is passed to him by one of his own players?

If their team mate passed the ball deliberately, with their feet, and the goal keeper then touches it with their hands within their own penalty area, then an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponents at the place where the goal keeper handled it.

Can a goalkeeper be fairly charged outside his own goal area?

Certainly he can. The penalty area allows him to handle the ball WITHIN that area, but as long as the tackle is legal, he can be challenged wherever he is on the pitch.

Can a goalkeeper go in opponent penalty area and use his hand or punched it to score a goal?

No, once he leaves his box he is no longer allowed to touch the ball with his hands.

What are the rules for futsal goal keeper?

The goalkeeper in futsal may use their hands within their own penalty area in order to block, catch, parry, or throw the ball. However, the GK must give up possession of the ball (ideally, to a teammate) within four seconds of touching it (with hands OR feet). Once the goalkeeper has played the ball (including taking a kick-in or delivering a goal clearance), he must not touch the ball again until it has touched an opponent or gone out of play.That said, if the goalkeeper leaves his area and goes to the opponent's half of the field, he is considered a field player and none of the restrictions (or abilities) listed above are applicable. As soon as the keeper returns to his own half, he is again liable for those rules.

Can a goalie use his hands while inside the penalty area?

Only within their own penalty area.