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2001 Seattle Mariners--116 wins

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Q: Winningest baseball team one season AL?
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What baseball team has had the most players on the disabled list in a season and at one time?


What is the record for the most strikeouts in one season for a major league baseball team?

The 2003 Chicago Cubs got 1,025 strikeouts in one season.

How many games are in a regular major league baseball season for one team?

Each team plays 162 regular-season games -- 81 at home and 81 on the road.

What is the average number of broken bats per team in one Major League baseball season?


Did a major league baseball team ever lose all 16 of its games to a division rival in one season?


When was Seattles first baseball team?

The Seattle Pilots existed for one season as a MLB team -- 1969 -- before moving to Milwaukee and becoming the Brewers.

In baseball what is called the person who hits the ball?

The batter is the one who bats using a baseball bat at a baseball game on a baseball team in a baseball field during baseball season while wearing his baseball uniform. 0_o

How many uniforms does a major league team use in one season?

The number of uniforms a Major League Baseball team uses in one season depends on how fast they wear out. Players usually go through more pants than they do shirts, though.

What team has a record of home runs in one season?

In MLB through the 2008 season, the record for home runs by a team in one season is 264 by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

What NCAA mens basketball team has the most wins in one season?

Memphis with 39 in the 2007-2008 The Tigers claimed their piece of history, beating UCLA 78-63 in the NCAA men's semifinals to become 38-1, the winningest team ever in a single season. Then, they had a chance to do what the other 37-win teams - Duke, Illinois and UNLV - couldn't do: cap it off with a national championship, which they did.

What major league baseball team has won every game against another team in one season?

In interleague play, teams often only play one series against each other - three games. As such, teams have gone 3-0 in a season against another team many times.

How many games do one basketball team play a season euro basketball?

i believe there are 82 games in one season for each basketball team

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