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Q: Will the place you hold a football affect how far it travels?
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How does rain affect a football?

Like most objects, when a football is wet is becomes harder to throw and hold on to. Rain will not noticably affect the flight of a football as wind does.

How do you hold a football?

place your thumb at the bottom of the ball and place all the other fingers on the laces

Do all football boots have laces?

Not all boots do most do to hold the shoe in place.

Does stitching effect the distance of a soccer ball?

No this is simply to hold the ball together, it does not affect the distance the ball travels in any way.

How do plants affect the savanna?

Provide food for grazing animals and hold the soil in place

How do plants affect soil erosion?

They stop it from happening. Or slow it. Their roots hold the soil in place.

What did the football say to the football player?

Hold lieins

How does the height affect the ammount a penny can hold?

The height can affect the amount a penny can hold. The shorter it is the less it can hold.

Why do football uses a t?

A tee is American Football is a stand used to hold a stationary football in place during kickoffs. A tee is necessary because of the oblong / ovate shape of a football. Because it has "pointy ends" the football cannot be balanced in an upright position without a either a tee or a player to hold it upright. A picture of a tee can be seen by following the related link down below.

How many people does a football stadiam hold?

it depends what football stadium

What is a air bladder in a football?

to hold air

What is the function of a football?

The football is used to play a sport called football. You can catch,kick,hold, and pass also.

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