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Hold lieins

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Q: What did the football say to the football player?
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How do you say football player in french?

joueur de football

How do you say football player and manager?

football player and manager (specify if u wanted it in a different language)

How do you say you know I am a player in spanish?

It depends on what you wanna say by "player" like "ladysman" player or videogame player or football player.

Who is crstiano'sfavorite player play football?

It is unknown who Cristino favorite football player is. He did say that he likes watching the New York Jet.

What football player did Kim Kardashian date?

Reggie Bush. If people say its Ray J, they did date but He isn't a football player

What does a football player say when he fails to score a touchdown?

boo who

How do you get a football signed by an NFL player?

you say hey and throw the football at him and say will u sighn it i did it to aj halk it was cool matt wiegand

Who is a football player who does mischief when of pitch?

I would say Joey Barton

Who is the most unknown football player?

I would say Zach Thomas.

What is cooler midget football or freshmen football?

I am a freshman football player but I would say midget football is cooler when you have a team like mine that always loses to them.

How much do you travel when you are an NFL football player?

during football season i would say three times a week

Who is the best football player today?

i will have to say...zach Lee for Huskers football.And Roy helu JR. for huskers football