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No, as the Patriots lost to the New York Jets, they will not go to the Super Bowl this year.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-20 02:00:48
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Q: Will the patriots go to the Super Bowl this year?
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Who is going to 2012 Super Bowl?

The Giants and the Patriots! (Go Patriots!)

What year did the patriots go undefeated and lose the Super Bowl?

The Patriots went 18-1, losing only Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants, in the 2007 NFL season.

Will the patriots go to Super Bowl 42?

no doubt

When did the giants and patriots go to the super bowl?


What year did the Patriots first go to the Super Bowl?

1985 to face the Chicago Bears. They lost miserably.

What year did Tom Brady last win super bowl?

His last year was his 3rd super bowl win against the Philedelphia Eagles. That was back in the 2004 season . Go Patriots !

What teams are going to the super bowl in 2012?

This year, the 2 teams are the new England patriots and the new York giants. Go patriots!!?

What is the number of super bowl appearances the New England Patriots have?

The new england patriots have 6 super bowl expierences, if you count super bowl XLVI that would be 7. Go pats!

Will the Patriots go to the Super Bowl without Brady?

I am a huge patriots fan but i think that they will not i watched them last year and every game they did amazing passes but when Brady wasnt playing the score for the other team was going up increasingly but i know for a fact that they won the game but they will not make it this year because they didnt win the super bowl ( against the GAINTS! ) which i cannot believe. If they go to the super bowl this year i would be in shock for the rest of the year even if they lose the super bowl.

Which 2 teams will go to Super Bowl 44?

Patriots and Vikings

Who could go to the Super Bowl in 2012?

I think the Raiders vs. New england patriots are going to the super bowl

When did the eagles go to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXXIX. Eagles vs Patriots.. an upsetting game to me, an Eagles fan, as the Patriots won 24-21. Super Bowl XV - Raiders 27, Eagles 10.

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