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Q: When did the giants and patriots go to the super bowl?
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Who is going to 2012 Super Bowl?

The Giants and the Patriots! (Go Patriots!)

Who wins the Super Bowl 46?

Its a patriots V.S. giants super bowl. The giants will win because they have a history of beating the patriots. If we go back in time to earlier times in the season we would see that the giants won against the patriots. Then in 2007 for super bowl 42 the giants won.

What years were the giants in a Super Bowl?

The last time they were in a Superbowl was in 2008 with the Patriots~ GO GIANTS!

What year did the patriots go undefeated and lose the Super Bowl?

The Patriots went 18-1, losing only Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants, in the 2007 NFL season.

What teams are going to the super bowl in 2012?

This year, the 2 teams are the new England patriots and the new York giants. Go patriots!!?

Will the patriots go to the Super Bowl this year?

No, as the Patriots lost to the New York Jets, they will not go to the Super Bowl this year.

What season did the patiots go undeafeted?

the patriots went undeafeted in 07 but lost to the giants in super bowl xlii

When did the patriots go 16-0?

In 2007-8, they went 18-1, losing the Super Bowl to the Giants.

Did the Patriots go 19 and 0 in the 2007 season?

No, they lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII to wind up at 18-1.

Will the patriots go to Super Bowl 42?

no doubt

Who is the only team to go undefeated and lose the super bowl?

The New England patriots went 16-0 but lost the super bowl to the wildcard 11-5 New York Giants

Did the ravens go to the Super Bowl?

2000 Super Bowl Champs vs. the Giants.

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