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In the latest 2009-2010 season, the Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Last year they also lost to the Orland Magic in the 2nd round. Hopefully next season, if LeBron is still with the Cavs, they will grab the championship trophy.

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Q: Will the cavs win the championship?
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Is the cavs win the nba championship?

None. :'(

Did the cavs ever win a championship?

2 division championships and a conference championship, but no NBA championship.

When did browns Indians or cavs win a championship?

Cleveland Browns last won the NFL Championship in 1964

Will the Cleveland cavs win a championship in 2010?

No the Miami Heat will beat the Thunder in the Finals

Will the Cavs ever win a nba championship?

ya i gotta admit they will win one even know i love the spurs

Will the knicks get LeBron James?

No, LeBron is loyal and the knicks will not win a championship, they have no supporting cast and bad coaching. The Cavs won't win a championship ether unless the fire mike brown.

Has the cavs ever won a championship ring?

No,not yet

What is the record for most total wins in a season including playoffs for an NBA team that did not win the championship?

I'm not positive, but this year's Cavs have to be close with 76.

Will lebron and the cavs win the finals?


Who did LeBron James play in the NBA championship?

Lebron James played NBA championship with Cleveland cavilers against San Antonio spurs and lost the series 4-0 the cavs didn't win a game

Will the lakers win the chapionship?

In my opinion, definitely not. The Lakers will not even make it out of the Western Conference, but the Cavaliers or the Celtics will win the championship No one really knows for sure. But they are definitely in the running. Along with the Cavs , Magic, Celtics and Spurs.

Who beat the Cavs in 05 06 playoffs knocking them out of the championship race?

Detroit Pistons

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