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Q: Who beat the Cavs in 05 06 playoffs knocking them out of the championship race?
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Will the Cleveland cavs win a championship in 2010?

No the Miami Heat will beat the Thunder in the Finals

Will the cavaliers beat the Celtics?

Maybe, maybe not! Listen the Cavs and the Celtics are both good but you never know the Celtics might beat the Cavs, and the Cavs might beat the Celtics!

Who is goin to win the nba championship for the 2011 playoffs?

Miami Heat is going to beat the lakers.

Did lebron James go to the finals with the cavs?

Yes he did in 2007. I know this for a fact because the Cavs beat my Pistons.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in the playoffs in 2010?

In 2010, the Steelers beat the Ravens in the Divisional Round, then they went on to beat the Jets in the AFC championship. From there, they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl.

Who won the nba championship?

The National Basketball Association Champions for 2014 is the San Antonio Spurs who beat the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

Only team who beat vince lombardi's packers in the playoffs?

Philadelphia Eagles who defeated the Packers, 17-13, in the 1960 NFL Championship game.

Will the cowboys make the playoffs?

the Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs if they beat the Eagles

How many times the skins beat the cowboys in the playoffs?

Through the 2008 season, the Redskins and Cowboys have met twice in the playoffs with the Redskins winning both games. 1972 NFC Conference Championship Game: Redskins 26, Cowboys 3 1982 NFC Conference Championship Game: Redskins 27, Cowboys 17

Will canucks beat Nashville in the playoffs?

They already did

Who beat cardinals 2014 playoffs?


Do eagles stand a chance to get in the playoffs this season?

Yes they do to get into the playoffs the raiders must beat the buccaneers, the giants beat the vikings or the Texans beat the bears and the eagles need to beat the cowboys. their odds are slim but they can do it.

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