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In the world cup it is not the team but a country that wins the world cup. Spain won the most recent one.

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Q: Which team won World Cup soccer?
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What team last won the soccer world cup?

Italy Won the world cup in 2006

In what year did the french soccer team won the world cup?

France won the world cup in 1998.

When was the last time the US Women's Soccer team won the World Cup?

The US Women's Soccer team last won the FIFA World Cup in 2015.

What soccer team won the world cup soccer in 1930 and 1950?


Which team won the soccer 2006 world cup?


What soccer team won the World Cup 2010?


What team won the 2010 world cup for soccer?


What African Country ever won the soccer world cup?

no African team have ever won the world cup

Did the Canadian soccer team ever won the world soccer cup?

Technically, it's called the FIFA World Cup, and no, Canada has never won.

How Many Times Has Mexico's Soccer team won the fifa world cup?

Mexico have never won the World Cup.

Has the Japanese international soccer team ever won a world cup?


What soccer team won the last world cup 2010?


What year did the mens US soccer team win the world cup?

they have never won a world cup

Did Algeria's soccer team win a world cup recently?

Algeria have not won the world cup as yet.

How many times have the American soccer team won the world cup?

The American team has appeared in the World Cup ten times, but they have not won any yet.

Which team won the World Cup 2011?

There was no soccer world cup in 2011, it was in 2010. Spain won that. The Rugby World Cup in 2011 was won by New Zealand. The 2011 Cricket World Cup was won by India.

When is the world cup in socer 2011?

world cup of soccer was in 2010 in south africa won by the Spain team

How many times the US team won the women's World Cup championship?

The US women's national soccer team has won the World Cup twice (1991, 1999).

Has engalnd's soccer team won the world cup twice?

No. They have won only once, when they hosted in 1966.

Has england's soccer team won the world cup twice?

No. England only won once, in 1966.

Has the US Women soccer team ever won the World Cup?

They have won it twice, in 1991 and 1999

What soccer team was in first place in the latest World Cup?

Spain won the South African World Cup of 2010.

What is the biggest victory for the England football team?

The English soccer team won the World Cup in 1966.

Which women's soccer team win the fifa world cup 2011?

Japan won

Highest number of world cup win by a team soccer?

The highest number of world cups a soccer team can win is never limited but the most recent world cups a team has won in soccer is 5.