Will the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Anything is possible.

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Q: Will the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl?
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When did the Texans go to the Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans have never been in the Super Bowl.

What teams never win Super Bowl?

The Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings have not won a Super Bowl in their history. The Browns, Jaguars, Lions and Texans have never reached the Super Bowl.

Who will win the AFC championship?

Houston texans

Have the Houston Texans ever made it to the playoffs?

For 2012, there is a possibility. They have won many games, but have started to lose lots of games to teams they should have beaten. They are in the top 4 for the AFC, but other teams have a better chance.

What NFL teams have no titles or Super Bowl wins?

the new york jets have never been to a super bowl!ANSWER:Actually, the Jets WON Super Bowl III.As of 2010, these teams have never won the Super Bowl:BuffaloJacksonvilleHoustonTennesseeClevelandCincinnatiSan DiegoMinnesotaDetroitCarolinaAtlantaPhiladelphiaSeattleArizonaOf those, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Houston have never been to the Super Bowl.

Who has not won Super Bowl?

Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dretriot Lioms, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans.

How many Super Bowls have the Detroit Lions win?

The Lions have won four Super Bowls. The last one in 1957. Seeing as Super Bowl I was played in 1967 and the Lions haven't even appeared in one - ever. I'll say this answer is only correct when referring to championships.

Can the Titans win the super bowl?

Yes. They are a good team and can win a Super Bowl.

Who won a Super Bowl first the cowboys are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Cowboys. The Cowboys first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl VI and the Steelers first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl IX.

Did the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl?

The Bengals have yet to win a Super bowl.

Who is going to win the super bowl in 2013?

I think that this year the 49ers are going to win. Last year, the Ravens won but only by 3 points. The 49ers were missing a small talent that they have now. They have Anquan Boldin. It will be really hard for the 49ers NOT to win, unless there is an injury from a good player.

Did the giants win the Super Bowl?

They won super bowl XLVI.