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Anything is possible.

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Q: Will the Houston Texans win the Super Bowl?
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When did the Texans go to the Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans have never been in the Super Bowl.

Can the Texans win a Super Bowl?

Yes. They are a strong team and can win a Super Bowl.

In 2022 who is going to win the Super Bowl?

This site claims it will be the Houston Texans defeating the Dallas Cowboys 26-17:

Who haven't played in the super bowl?

The Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns, and the Detroit Lions have never been featured in a Super Bowl, let alone win one.

Did the Houston oilers win the Super Bowl?

yes they beat the the titans

Did the titans win any Super Bowls?

The Tennessee Titans/ Houston Oilers have yet to win a Super bowl.

What teams never win Super Bowl?

The Bengals, Bills, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Texans, Titans and Vikings have not won a Super Bowl in their history. The Browns, Jaguars, Lions and Texans have never reached the Super Bowl.

How many times did the Houston Oilers win a Super Bowl?

That never happened.

Who will win the AFC championship?

Houston texans

Where and when did the New England Patriots win the super bowl?

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001 (New Orleans), 2003 (Houston), and in 2004 (Jacksonville)

Did the saints win the Super Bowl?

Yes, they did win the super bowl. In 2009!

Tennesse oilers ever win Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans lost their only Super Bowl appearance to the St Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIX......23-16......January30th, 2000....The Houston Oilers never played in a Super Bowl

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