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Patriots are going to win by at least 2 touchdowns, no doubt, have you seen them this year. Redskins defense wasnt that bad until the Patriots played them. 52-7. The Pats are going to the Super Bowl, nobody can stop them....

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 02:58:47
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Q: Will the Colts beat the Patriots?
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Who beat the colts in football this year?

the patriots did

Who is going to win Indianapolis Colts VS New England Patriots?

The Colts beat the Patriots 35-34

Who did the Colts beat to get in the Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots

What teams beat the patriots this year?

The Colts, Jets, and Broncos

What year did the colts beat the patriots in a Super Bowl?

never that is impossible because the colts and patriots are both in the AFC. the superbowl is AFC vs. NFC.

Are they redoing the patriots vs colts game?

Why? The Pats clearly beat the colts. Cheating or not. If the Pats used a different ball the the colts did too.

Will the Redskins beat the Giants?

No. They can't beat the Giants as of right now. Maybe when they get better,they can beat teams like the Colts and the Patriots.

Who did the miami dolphins beat?

In 2019, the Dolphins beat the Jets, the Colts, the Eagles, the Bengals, and the Patriots.

Did the patriots beat the colts 3 times in the 2008 season?

No, that's impossible anyway. They can only play once in the regular season and once in the playoffs. In 2008 the Patriots lost to the Colts once

Patriots or colts?

Colts are still better

Did the patriots beat the colts in the playoffs game?

Yes, the Patriots beat the Colts in the division playoff game 43-22. They will face the winner of the Chargers/Broncos game in the AFC Championship game. If the Chargers win the game will be in New England. If the Broncos win, the Patriots will travel to Mile High Stadium.

Why do Colts fans hate Patriots fans?

because the colts wish they were as good as the patriots!

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