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the patriots did

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โˆ™ 2007-12-30 21:28:45
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Q: Who beat the colts in football this year?
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What football team won Super Bowl 3?

The Jets beat the Colts.

What teams beat the patriots this year?

The Colts, Jets, and Broncos

What football leagues do the colts belong to?

The Indianapolis Colts Belong to the National Football League. The Colts are in the American Football Confrence. The Colts are in the AFC South Division.

Who did the colts beat in the super bowl?

the colts beat the bears in 2006

Did Eli Manning ever beat Peyton Manning in pro football?

No, they have played against each other only twice and the Colts won both games. September 10, 2006 - the Colts beat the Giants 26-21 September 19, 2010 - the Colts beat the Giants 38-14

Who is going to win Super Bowl this year?

the colts are gonna beat the saints

Who is chad Ritch of colts football number 92?

Chad Ritch was number 9 in the year 1992. He was a football player.

Has any NFL team gone undefeated on Sunday Night Football?

Yes. This year the Colts are undefeated in NFL and Sunday night football.1-0. Colts 35 Patriots 31

What year did the colts beat the patriots in a Super Bowl?

never that is impossible because the colts and patriots are both in the AFC. the superbowl is AFC vs. NFC.

What year did Memphis beat Tennessee in football?


Will the bills beat the colts?

god yes the colts will be pkowned,son

Which team is better this year cowboys or colts?

I say colts will win. If you are a cowboy fan than I'm sure u will say that cowboys are better. But the Colts have straight wins(they are good since they beat the saints but not better than colts).

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