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While pitching your stride doesn't actually make the ball faster. What makes the ball look faster to a batter is how close you are. If you throw an 85mph fastball from 60 feet a batter will know but if you throw the same speed from 50 feet away the batter might think its coming 90-93 mph.

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Q: Will striding when pitching make the baseball move at a higher speed?
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When was RADAR first used to clock pitching speed?

RADAR was first used to clock pitching speed in 1972. Earl Weaver was the first person to use the RADAR gun to determine speed in baseball.

What is the average pitching speed of Major league baseball in last 3 decades?

around 92

Average 14 u baseball pitching speed?

I would say between 50 and 65 mph

What is the average pitching speed for little leaguers?

The average pitching speed for a 10 year old is 38

How can your grandson improve on his pitching speed by using the rubber on the pitchers mound?

A higher leg lift and the twist off the rubber by the hips will generate more power.

What is the average pitching speed for softball pitching age 12?

it is different depending on where you live. southern states such as Florida have a higher average pitching speed than northern states such as vermont. however, the average pitching speed for most 12 yr olds tends to be from the mid-40s to the low-to-mid-50s. average is early 30's to late 40's for a girl who practices daily, but ive seen 10 yr olds throw up to 65 mph

What is the relationship between the speed of the components and the price?

The price is higher if the speed is slower The price is higher if the speed is slower

You throw a 95 mph fastball can you have a pitching career in baseball?

If you can throw a baseball 95 mph consistently and move it around the strike zone with control, and can throw a lot of them without losing speed over a given period, say 20 minutes to a half an hour, then yes you can have a pitching career in baseball.

What does wp stand for in pitching stats?

worp speed

What has the author David Lipman written?

David Lipman has written: 'The speed king' -- subject(s): Football players, Juvenile literature 'Bob Gibson, pitching ace' -- subject(s): Baseball, Baseball players, Juvenile literature, Pitching (Baseball) 'Ken Boyer' -- subject(s): In library 'Bob Gibson'

Which is faster cricket bowling or baseball pitching?

The fastest bowlers and baseball pitchers are about the same speed at about 85-90 mph. The cricketers just win with Mohammed Sami of Pakistan clocked at 101.8 mph and Lynn Nolan Ryan pitching 100.9 mph for the Anaheim Angels.

What is the average pitching speed in Little League baseball?

My husband and I took my son to a street fair when he was 11 and head pitcher for his little league team. They had a machine there that tested his throwing speed and his speed was 51 mph. The guy said he was above average.

Mrcollins asked the class which would travil faster a golf ball or a baseball?

Who is Mr Collins? Tiger Woods' ball speed is 170 mph, the average pitching speed in MLB is around 92 mph.

What is the average 10u AAU softball pitching speed?


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Do you note speed of ball after pitching or before pitching?

The speed of ball is usually measured when it leaves the bowler's hand. The ball rapidly decelerates as it approaches the batsman, further decelerating after it pitches.

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What is the average 13u AAU softball pitching speed?

About 45 mph

What the average pitching speed for a 18 year old?

82 mph

What is the average pitching speed for a 16 year old girl?


What is the average pitching speed for 8 year old?

40 mph