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Learning karate, or participating in any other sport, will not stunt someone's growth.

Like all sports and physical activity of all types, there are risks associated with them.

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Q: Will learning karate at 5 stunt growth?
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What is the age for learning karate?

from age 5 onwards, there is no maximum age for karate.

Does Lipton tea stunt your growth?

No, it does not! I drink a lot of tea and I am a 5"8 girl at age 15. Coffe can stunt your growth, but not tea. It is proven that tea is good for you, of course in moderations.

Will lifting at 14 years old stunt your growth?

no im 14 and i lift all the time and im 5 11

Will sit ups stunt your growth?

no it does not i started lifting when i was 14 and i was 5/9 and now im 24 and 6/2 and i am well fit weight lifting and situps did not stunt my growth and all of my friends that i know same for them

How do you do pinan 5 in karate?

You start by learning it with your instructor. Trying to provide a description would not help you much, and each school does things slightly differently.

How tall is Petra Ecclestone Stunt?

Petra Ecclestone Stunt is 5' 8".

If im 17 5 foot 4 and weight 160 and bench 320lbs will that stunt my growth?

In brief, no it will not. Besides, your height has already been determined through your DNA.

Aspect of growth in self development?

1. learning 2. acquired 3. confidence 4. developing skills 5. exploring

Excessive swimming stunts normal growth?

The last answer stated that yes swimming would stunt your growth but however that is totally wrong. If you swim to much you might hurt yourself but you wont stunt your growth. Look at Michael phelps he swims 6 hours a day and you expect me to believe it stunted his growth. The avg height for the previous 8 finalists for the U.S olympic swim was 6 FT 5 IN (wikipedia). Swimming makes your spine longer. Now excessive weightlifting is detrimental to height for the fact that you can fracture your growth plate. back to swimming, swimming is a low impact sport so you will not stunt growth but you might drown.

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I'm 14 and about 5 ft 6 i don't know if i should do dumbells because i have heard that it stunts your growth can anyone help?

its amyth it will not stunt your height but you should do them moderately and under adult supervision

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