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Yes because she has the power and strength to beat Beth Phoenix. I also think Beth Phoenix is never going to win the divas title.

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Q: Will kelly kelly retain her divas championship at night of champions?
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Will Kelly Kelly retain her Divas title at WWE Night of Champions 2011?

Kelly Kelly did retain her title.

Will kelly kelly win the divas championship?


Will Natalya interfere in Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix match at Night of Champions 2011?

No, Beth Phoenix will have no problem destroying Kelly Kelly to win the Divas Championship.

Did kelly kelly like to?

i think. she like the divas championship belt.

Wwe will kelly kelly win the divas championship?

you never know

Who is the current WWE women's champion?

Kelly kelly at the time was the Divas Champion, the WWE Womens Championship is now retired and they only use the Divas Championship

What are the release dates for SummerSlam - 2010 Divas Championship Match Kelly Kelly vs- Beth Phoenix 2-3?

SummerSlam - 2010 Divas Championship Match Kelly Kelly vs- Beth Phoenix 2-3 was released on: USA: January 2011

Will maryse retain her divas title?

no she will not retain her divas title check out in night of champions we got ourselves a new and 3rd diavs champ ever mickie James 4 time womens champion have noticed this gail 1st challenger kelly 2nd challenger mickie 3rd challenger only one succeded mickie

Who will be the next divas champion?

kelly kelly

Will Maryse be in smackdown vs raw 210?

Yes she is along with the Divas Championship and 11 other divas. Melina,Kelly Kelly,Beth Phoenix,Natalya,Eve,Maria,Mickie James,Gail Kim,Michelle McCool,and The Bella Twins.

How old are WWE divas?

Kelly Kelly is 25

Who is the youngest wresler in WWE?

In Divas Is Kelly Kelly.

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