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No, it uses autococker threading. There are currently no barrel extenders with the A5/X7 threads.

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Q: Will a Flasc barrel extender work with the Tippmann A5 and if not is there a barrel extender that does?
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Do tippmann 98 barrels work on tippmann 68?

The 68 does not have a removable barrel.

Can tippmann 98 barrels work on tippmann 98 customs?

Yes, the tippmann 98 and the tippmann custom are the same marker, therefore the threading of the barrel will be the same.

Does the Tippmann x7 flatline barrel work for the x7 phenom or just the regular x7?

It will fit both of them.

Will a flatline barrel fit on a tippmann crossover?

It uses a5/x7 threads but it has a slanted shell and would not fit normally. However an Apex barrel will work just fine.

Do all tippmann paintball guns have the same barrel threads?

No. The tippmann sl-74 I and sl-74II are threaded for sl-74. The tippmann pro-carbine is pro-carbine threaded. The Tippmann 98 is 2 different threads, they changed half way through production. An older barrel may not work on a newer gun because of tighter tolerances in the older stuff, but you can buy adapters if you happen to get into a jam like this. (Mostly you don't have to worry about this unless you get EXTREMELY unlucky) Tippmann a-5's are threaded for a tippmann a-5 adapter witch then screws into the gun. Tippmann x-7's are the same thread as a-5's. Hope this helps!

Does the JES Extender work?


Does the pro extender work?

Err no sir. No it does not

Does pro extender work?

Err no sir. No it does not

What egrip will work on a Carver one?

The tippmann 98 egrip.

How do I know what tell what type of extender is compatible with my network?

Any extender that operates on the same standard (A, B, G, N) will work.

Do the tippmann 98 custom barrels work with the tippmann Alpha Black or Is there some other type of barrel to use?

yes my 98c flatline works fine on mt AB, but the flatline cover doesnt fit cuz of the carrying handle lol. you can also buy barrel adaptors for things loke spyder barrels, or dye. and i think smart parts works on all guns but im not sure about that one

Can range extender be used to extend the range of x-box?

It depends on how you are to set it up. If the extender has to be connected directly to xbox, you cannot use it. Because there are no such drivers unless you are lucky. If your extender is independent device and can work on its own, everything should work just fine.

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