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Highly doubt it. What is considered "WCW-ish". ECW ONS was different because it was a total different style than WWE, but WCW is not much different than WWE is terms of style.

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Q: Will Vince McMahon make WCW one night stand pay-per-view soon?
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Who was the original artist of the painting behind Vince and Shane McMahon at 'One Night Stand 2007'?

Behind Vince and Shane McMahon at One Night Stand 2007, you can see a print of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Should mr McMahon be arrested for all the deaths in the wwe?

yes i cant stand the mcmahon's but i do like triple h wife Why would they arrest Vince McMahon? He did not cause any of the deaths in WWE.

What does the name Vince stand for?

The name Vince is actually short for Vincent

Has WWE chairman mr McMahon ever been a champion?

Vince McMahon won the WWF championship once, from Triple H on 14th September 1999. The title was vacated six days later, then won by Triple H once again a further six days after that. Vince also won the ECW championship on 29th April 2007 from Bobby Lashley. Lashley regained the title once again over a month later on 3rd June at One Night Stand.

Is Jim McMahon in a wheelchair?

McMahon isn't in a wheelchair. He made a parody of the Superbowl Shuffle and he was standing up. On the news hes able to stand.

What are the release dates for Night Stand - 1995 Night Stand Lite 2-21?

Night Stand - 1995 Night Stand Lite 2-21 was released on: USA: 1996

Has everyone had a one night stand?

No, everyone has not had a one night stand.

Has Jesse McCartney ever had a one night stand?

We had a one night stand last night...

What are the release dates for Night Stand - 1995 One-Night-Stand Reunions 1-15?

Night Stand - 1995 One-Night-Stand Reunions 1-15 was released on: USA: 1995

When was One Night Stand created?

One Night Stand was created in 1989.

Why did they stop doing ECW then start again?

The original ECW brand was financfed for its last year by Vince McMahon and was losing money so he(Vince) decided to shut the brand. However when he bought WCW he decided to brng back some of the popular stars and have the invasion storyline. This was highly successful leading to the founder of ECW Paul Heyman to ask Vince could he ive the fans one last taste of the original hardcore mayhem and so created the Pay-Per-View One Night Stand. When Vince saw this was a hit he decided to ressurect the ECW brand as part of the WWE but tone down some if not all of the blood and hardcore rues.

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