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No why would they!!!!AnswerWill taker and Kane ever fight again the only people who can decide that is Taker and Kane. What I heard Kane and Taker along with Vince loved it as every wwf/wwe fan. So I hope to see it but it probaly happen if they "wwe" keeps the rosters apart Why? cause they need one mosnter pure show. AnswerIts possible if one does something wrong against other. Other possibilties for their fighting are if they both come on a same show(Smack Down! or Raw).
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Q: Will The Undertaker and Kane ever fight again?
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Will The Undertaker and Kane ever reunite to form the Brothers of Destruction again?

Kane and undertaker had a lot in common as the brothers of destruction but who knows what shall happen next.They are a perfect tag team and together will be unstopable

Did undertaker ever dress as Kane?

Yes, he had.

Has anyone ever seen Kane or Undertaker's parents im mean really if you have for answer put the info about how to get there?

No to Kane and the Undertaker's parents are dead

Why was WWE superstar Kane was so mad ever since undertaker got hurt?

The Undertaker and Kane were really close friends.

Has Kane ever beaten the undertaker in a match?

yes four time Kane has defeated him.

Will the Undertaker ever ride a motorcycle down to the ring again?

It is a possibility, but most likely no. b: it most likely he return as a stronger undertaker and seek revenge on Kane

Will the Undertaker ever fight again in the WWE?

i heard hes coming back in summerslam or survivor series

Who is better Kane or boogeyman?

Kane is better in real life because undertaker the best wrestler ever traind him

Did the undertaker ever cry and why?

NEVER. unless Kane died.

Did Andre the giant ever fight the undertaker?


Will The Undertaker ever embalm Stone Cold alive?

Not if Shawn Michaels and Kane have anything to with it.

Did Kane injure undertaker?

God I hope not that would be the crappiest story line ever

Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they were children?

Kane is Glen Jacobs and Undertaker is Mark Calarway. How can the father be the same? Their mom is the same but father is different. Glen and Mark aren't really related but the storyline is that Kane and Undertaker are. Also the storyline state's that Kane and Undertaker have the same mother, but not the same father. Kane's father is Paul Bearer (The man that carries the urn). That is why Bearer threatened Undertaker by exposing his secret if he wasn't his manager again. In fear Undertaker agreed, but in the first ever Hell in a Cell match Undertaker Vs HBK, Kane pulled the door off and attacked Undertaker giving HBK the win. They both have mentioned their dead mother who died in a fire apparently started by Undertaker, the brother were playing with matches but were punished when Undertaker's father found them. Undertaker was punished more than Kane because he was the oldest. His father explained what they were doing including that they were around flamable liquids. After punishing Undertaker he sent him on his way to do his chores. Undertaker looked back and saw Kane heading through a back door with some of the liquids in his hands, Undertaker dismissed the matter. He later came home to see the place a light in flames. He wanted to run in but the fire fighters stopped him. Undertaker believed that his mother, father and Kane were all dead, but Kane survived. Undertaker admitted a year later when he did a heel turn that he actually burned the funeral home and set it a light.

Is old undertaker ever giong to come back?

there was only one undertaker,but there was two kanes and the old Kane fights on tna impact

Were kain and undertaker ever brothers?

No in real life Kane and Taker are not related just in storyline

Has anyone ever did the tombstone on undertaker?

Kane Randy Orton Armageddon (2005)

Will the Undertaker ever wrestle again in the WWE?

Yes, he will.

Is undertaker alive after the buried alive match with Kane?

No hes coming back this february on the 21st. If he was i would have stopped watching wrestling Undertaker 4 ever!

Do Undertaker and Kane really worship the Devil?

Neither does or ever has. It's part of the act, developed by their employers.

Did Kane and Undertaker ever have a mom?

Yes, they did have, they are human beings but they both aren't true brothers its just a storyline of the WWE.

Did the Undertaker ever get buried?

yes by kane, and mr.macmahon By Roko Loko --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undertaker got Buried by Kane (vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and vs Mr Mcmahon) Undertaker got Buried by Nexus (vs Kane) Undertaker has never been Buried By a Single Superstar By Atit Anish Patel

Will the undertaker ever wrestle again in a infernal match?

It's possible

Did Ken Shamrock ever face The Undertaker?

The Rock and Mankind and Ken Shamrock defeated The Undertaker and Kane on the September 28th, 1998 episode of Raw. The Undertaker defeated Ken Shamrock at WWF Backlash in 1999.

Did goldberg ever fight against undertaker?

No, as of now. The Undertaker is too old to wrestle. More over is must have retired till now.

Will Kane ever wear his mask again?

I think he will wear his Mask again because he looks way better with it

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