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It is a possibility, but most likely no.

b: it most likely he return as a stronger undertaker and seek revenge on Kane

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Q: Will the Undertaker ever ride a motorcycle down to the ring again?
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Did undertaker ever ride a motorcycle as the dead man?

Of course he did,but it was a while back.

Will The Undertaker ever return on a motorcycle during the 2007-8 year?

No, he won't.

Will the Undertaker ever wrestle again in the WWE?

Yes, he will.

Will the undertaker ever wrestle again in a infernal match?

It's possible

Will Undertaker ever use tombstone as his main finisher again?

YES he usually does it now days

Will the Undertaker ever fight again in the WWE?

i heard hes coming back in summerslam or survivor series

When is undertaker start wrestling again?

i Dont think he ever will because he has left as a legend and i dont think he will come back

Did Undertaker ever get the Stinkface?


Will The Undertaker and Kane ever reunite to form the Brothers of Destruction again?

Kane and undertaker had a lot in common as the brothers of destruction but who knows what shall happen next.They are a perfect tag team and together will be unstopable

When is the undertaker returning to the WWE in 2010?

sorry to say that the undertaker is not returning.wwe is fact so that means they can not ever be seen again or people will actuallt think that wwe is fact TAKer will be returning in the next month or so

Did undertaker ever lost a wrestling match?

The Undertaker did lose a match and it was at No Way Out in 2003. It was Undertaker against the Big Show.

Has the undertaker ever lost at WrestleMania?


Did the undertaker ever lose?


Is Michelle McCool Dating the Undertaker?

Yes, they are dating ever since Undertaker had a divorce.

Was undertaker ever heavyweight champ?

from the starting of wwe the undertaker has been heavyweight champion.

Is the undertaker ever coming back?

yeha undertaker is coming back in 2 weeks

Who fighted undertaker at wrestemania?

The Undertaker is 15 and 0 at wrestle mania, and Shawn michaels tried to end his winning streak last year at wrestlemania. Now this year Shawn michaels is calling out the undertaker again, and i think he is more determand than ever to beat him. well watch and fond out.

Did undertaker ever beat the Ultimate Warrior?

Hell ya undertaker destroyed him HAAAAA in 2000

Did the undertaker ever beat stone cold?

how many times did the undertaker beat stone cold ?

Are undertaker and Michelle mcool dating?

yes Michelle mccool has been dating undertaker ever since undertaker got divorced with his wife

Were trish strtus and undertaker ever a couple?


The best wrestler ever?

In my opinion the Undertaker

Has john cena ever defeated undertaker?


Who was the best ever WWE wrestler?

The Undertaker

Did Andre the giant ever fight the undertaker?