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Not after Barcelona signed him.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-24 18:30:45
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Q: Will Liverpool sign David Villa
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Are Chelsea going to sign david villa?

That is absouletly wrong they're not going to sign David Villa

Would david villa go to Liverpool?

most likely not

What teams has david James played for?

David James has played for Liverpool, Ashton Villa, Manchester City, and Portsmouth.

Has david villa ever played for Liverpool?

No. He has never played in the English Premier League.

Is David Villa ever going to go to Liverpool?

No it is not likely as Manchester u nited want him.

How much club teams has David Villa been on?

valencia,liverpool,manchested united,barcelona

What club did valencia sign david villa from in 2005?

Real Zaragoza.

Who are Liverpool going to sign this summer?

Liverpool will sign Glen Johnson for definate. They will also snap a stricker but not a superstar. Inside news says David Villa asked for Valencia to find a way to let him go to Liverpool but the finances arent working out that way. Maybe though....... The big thing after signing Johnson is to keep everyone else rather than sign. it will be a big task for Rafa to keep Alonso and Mascherano but i believe he just will

Who is David villa's father?

david villa's father is JOSE MANUEL VILLA

Who is the best football team Aston Villa or Liverpool?

Liverpool the team i hate

Who is david villa's dad?

David Villa said that his father was a miner, José Manuel Villa.

Who is better david villa or ronaldo?

david villa is better

David villa's full name?

David Villa Sánchez

Who has more fans Liverpool or Aston vila?

People will say liverpool, but i have no doubt villa do.

Most appearances in the English premiership?

Ryan Giggs ------ Legend David James Watford Liverpool Aston Villa West Ham Manchester City Portsmouth

Is Liverpool better than Aston villa?


Who played for villa and Liverpool?

Milan baros

Is David villa a Muslim?

As David Villa comes from Spain he is a catholic.

What team is David villa on?

David Villa plays for Barcelona and Spain.

When is David villa birthday?

David Villa's birthday is December 3,1981.

What is David villa nickname?

David Villa's nickname is "El Guaje" :)

What is age of David villa?

David Villa is 29 years old.

What is David villa hair color?

David Villa has blackish hair.

Is David Villa better then Robinho?


David villa full name?

David Villa Sánchez